What is Kazan?

October 18, 2021

So this is a totally free content optimizer based on co-relation to the top 10 google results for any given keywords, this includes entities, NLP, and it’s totally transparent without hiding or making up keywords for you to optimize.

It’s called KAZANSEO

That’s right, you heard it, a free forever and unlimited content optimizer.

So what’s the problem it solves and why is it free?

Well let me tell you how it works: It grabs the top 10 results in google for any given phrase, it extracts it’s content (including anchors), and co-relates their content to find similarities of keywords they use, if there’s a consensus of the majority of the results (6 or more) it then adds it to a list of keywords you should include into your content, it average it out the occurences of those keywords in the top 10 results and it guides you into including those keywords into your content.

Can I do it on my own? Yes absolutely, it will take you forever though, and this tool is free so what do you have to lose?

Why is it free when others charge for this? It’s free AND unlimited because this is just a passion project, something to give to the SEO community back after all that it’s given me.

Will it remain forever free and unlimited? Yes of course.

What about NLP and Entities? It’s pretty simple, since the tool is super transparent, if the top 10 results have those entities and NLP keywords included into their content, then kazanseo includes them as well, if the competition doesn’t include them then... kazan doesn’t lie to you and doesn’t include them.

Why do other similar tools lie in their results? Let me explain to you how they lie and you draw the conclusion as to why they do it. We work with the majority of the results for a consensus, meaning 6 or more out of the top 10 have to include a given phrase or word for us to include it into our content editor. But not the other tools, you see if you do a new project let’s say “nike shoes” it tells you to optimize for some terms that if you manually go looking into those sites, those terms are nowhere to be found, only in like 2-3 out of the top 10 results, meaning that if anything, the minority of the top 10 uses those keywords, it could even be detrimental to use them because it’s the minority. It’s not very scientific to suggest those keywords. However if the majority of the top 10 used those keywords, it would make more sense that they do help in ranking, wouldn’t it?

Why do these tools do this? No idea to be honest.

Now a very interesting fact, some well known SEO gurus are somehow AGAINST me doing this tool for free for some reason!

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