The Problem:

Can’t find writers for your website and writing yourself just takes forever?

Are you paying a fortune in writers that always end up just not being good enough?

Do you want your website to have endless pages of topical authority to boost your website to the top?

Do you want this to happen within minutes?

All it takes is a few clicks to get the authority and content you’ve always needed.

You can still write your own landing pages with your own specific words or let the AI do it for you.

Getting hundreds of even thousands of pages of unique well written content takes just a couple of minutes and you can oversee everything, you can make it as specific as you want it.

Even the fastest typists at 150 words per minutes on average can’t compete with AI content.





The Solution:

AI Content with KazanSEO

You don’t even have to think about which topics to write about because Kazanseo suggests you with hundreds of keywords straight out of google’s own suggestions.

You can even optimize the content with a keyword co-relator tool built straight into kazan that is mathematically correct, unlike the others in the market that mask keywords for you and give you false numbers.

It pulls all the relevant entities automatically.

With the overlap tool you will instantly see which keywords are combined together to avoid cannibalizing your own content.

Your website will have so much authority that you’ll get called for advice as a master of whatever niche you’re on.

Did you know that some of our clients build such massive authoritative websites with the sole purpose of selling guest posts on them and make upwards of 20k usd per month? I know! it’s crazy and they have dozens of them.

Kazan is so simple to use that you won’t need tutorials to understand it. Just get creative.

What You Get:

You will get for FREE just as a thank you (valued at $2000 per year, yes that’s right, that’s how much the competition charges and they’re not even mathematically correct):

Infinite keyword suggestions to turbo boost your traffic and website overall authority without the need for links, yes infinite, you can get thousands of keywords for any single niche that exists, and you can build and optimize content right on it. (we’ve built over 20 million pages (in-house) worth of optimized content with the AI with the help of these keywords).

Keyword clustering: from the keywords that you generated from the previous tool you’ll be able to see which keywords contain the same X amount of urls, this means that you’ll find similarities in terms of keywords and will guide you on how to make keyword rich content.

Text Extractor: you can input up to 10 different urls and extract their raw text just the way google would crawl it, this way you can easily compare content between each url and even use that as inspiration for generating AI content/copy/emails/anything you want, it's also useful to check for levels of duplication and various other NLP tests





What You Keep Getting:

Content optimizer: it co-relates the top 10 results for any given keywords you input and it tells you exactly which keywords are repeated in the top 10 results by a majority vote, meaning that if 6 or more of the top 10 sites repeat a keyword or entity, the content optimzer will tell you.

SERP Overlap it will compare any 2,3,4,5...10 keywords and tell you which results are repeated and how many times they’re repeated, this guides you into creating content for any cluster of keywords you desire.

Access to a private group where you can talk to the developers to suggest improvements or keywords based on your SEO SoPs.

All these tools were developed by the brightest minds in the SEO world in private masterminds.

Google is rewarding the extra content and links to boost your website’s overall authority and thus increasing your rankings and visibility, you have the possibility to get in now and reap the benefits.

We’ll even recommend you the best SEO groups out there to join and make sure that any doubt you have gets answered by true SEO professionals.

Our Guarantee:

We only run this offer once every 2 months to manage our infrastructure, so from the time you saw this ad you have about 3 days to get in before waiting for the next opening. And due to simple economics of supply and demand, the next time we open it, the price will increase.

You will get a no questions asked money-back guarantee, so all of this you’ll get for FREE, and just because we like you, even after getting a full refund, you’ll still have access to the extra tools and the ability to refill your AI content account whenever you want/need.

I’m not asking you to say yes or no to the offer of millions of words worth of content, I’m asking you to make an informed decision which can only be made from the inside, you wouldn’t buy a house without looking at it on the inside.

Both decisions are 0 risk to you, but only one of them has the possibility of taking you where you want to go, walking has no possibility of doing that.